Tesla owners will be able to watch Disney+ in Tesla Theater


Elon Musk have confirmed that Tesla cars are going to include Disney+ to the Tesla Theater in the near future. It was confirmed this week. You’ll be able to park somewhere and start streaming content from Disney+.

You can see the confirmation by Elon Musk below:

On September, Tesla owners started enjoying streaming movies and TV shows thanks to Tesla Theater that was introduced with the V10 software update. With this software update you’ll have Netflix and YouTube and Tesla Tutorials.

To access Tesla Theater and watch all the content it can offer to you, your Tesla must be parked and connected to a WI-Fi. So if you’re running, of course you won’t be able to watch or use the Tesla Theater.

Disney+ is growing better than anyone imagined. Based in the latest reports, when it was launched, analysts predicted that the service will have more or less 20 millions subscribers by 2020, but based on the latest estimates the number are far by 4 millions more than expected.

With this move, it will add more subscribers to Disney+, it will be another reason for Tesla owners to sign up and keep the kids happy on long trips.