Tricks your Apple Watch can do and you didn’t know


The Apple Watch is an incredible useful wearable when used correctly, it is packed with full features that even the experienced users fail to take advantage of it.

If you own an Apple Watch we’ve prepared some tricks and tips so you can take full advantage of this useful wearable.

You can find your iPhone with your Apple Watch

If you always loose track of your iPhone all the time, you can use your Apple Watch to find it. Generally, when this happens we usually ask some of our relatives to call us to know where it is or we go to a computer and put the iPhone to make a sound so we can find it. You can make the iPhone to sound by simply swiping up from the Watch face view to bring up Glances, then tap the blue “Ping iPhone” button, and your iPhone will emit a sound so you can find it.

Quickly access your Last-Used App

The Apple Watch isn’t “multi-task”, but it has a cool feature which allows you to quickly access the last used app. If you quickly double press the Digital Crown it will open the last app you had open.

Set your Watch to 5 minutes fast

If you like your watch to have five minutes fast, your Apple Watch is able to do that for you. To do it just go to Settings App > Time > +0 min, and from there turn the Digital Crown to set your Watch as fast as you’d like. Do this until New Year’s Eve, when you make the resolution to never be late to snitching.

Quickly Mute Alerts

Have you ever been in a quite place like a library, hospital, business meeting and your Apple Watch start making noises? To solve this open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then navigate to My Watch > Sounds & Haptics > then activate Cover to Mute. When this setting is on, you can cover the screen of the Watch for 3 seconds to turn off notifications.

Use your Apple Watch as a View Finder

You can use your Apple Watch to shut remote captures of your iPhone’s camera. With this you don’t need a selfie stick to take your photos.