Tesla Driver Recorded Asleep at the Wheel


Tesla’s Autopilot driver assistance system is really good, so good in fact, some drivers are deciding it’s perfectly fine to take a nap while the car drives itself.

As NBC DFW reports, one such Tesla owner was caught napping behind the wheel on Sunday while driving on the Massachusetts Turnpike. As the video below reveals, his passenger was also asleep, meaning the vehicle (and everyone around it) was apparently completely reliant on Autopilot to drive safely.

The video was captured by Dakota Randall who noticed the driver was asleep while passing by. He couldn’t believe it, so took out his smartphone and started recording. He believes the Tesla was traveling at around 60mph and his attempts to wake them up by repeatedly honking his horn were unsuccessful. He ended up driving away while they continued to sleep.

Randall did not contact the police nor did anyone else and no incidents have been reported, so we have to assume the driver awoke and got to his destination safely. The state police have confirmed they know about the sleeping driver from media reports, but no action is being taken, at least not yet.

It’s possible this is a stunt, but there’s no confirmation either way. Tesla’s Autopilot system requires active supervision by the driver at all times. If you don’t keep your hands on the wheel the system will sound an alarm, which would hopefully wake a sleeping driver. Back in December last year it was reported cops caught a drunk man being driven home by Autopilot.