Reasons why you should fix your broken screen with Apple


Fixing your broken iPhone screen by yourself or doing with someone different than Apple isn’t a great idea. In this post we will show you why you should do it through an Apple authorized technician center.

It’s true that it is cheaper to do it by yourself or to do it somewhere, but it can void your warranty and can damage your iPhone permanently and it will cost more to fix it than buying a new one.

You’ll have problems with the touch screen

If you fix your iPhone in a place other than an Apple certified center, they’ll install a cheap screen on your iPhone and it will start to have what we call Touch Disease. It can make your touch screen completely unresponsive. And you won’t be able to use your phone.

It can affect the colors of the screen


According to some iPhone users who had changed their screens by third-party, the screen can look colder and darker than normal. The colors of the screen can look unnatural when you compare it with an iPhone that haven’t have the screen repaired.

The keyboard can turn to unresponsive


Using a third-party iPhone screen can affect the overall responsiveness of your display; from typing on a keyboard or using 3D Touch. Some users have reported that the screen even have dead zones where touch isn’t recognized.

So, have you repaired your iPhone in a third-party tech center? If your answer is yes, what problems different than we have posted here did you had?