Nintendo’s Source Code for Older Gaming Systems Leaks Online


Nintendo’s source code for older consoles, the GameCube, Wii, and Nintendo64, has been leaked on the internet, this will give the modders a way to reverse-engineer the technology behind these gaming systems.

The stolen information is appearing on 4chan, which has 2GB containing internal documentation for the gaming systems of Nintendo. These information is according to users who have examined the files.

The leaked files contains all the components the Wii has, even its hardware. It is called “Verilog” which is a definition of language for hardware description, they use it to describe circuits via code, this has all the information needed to know how the Wii was made, said the user “Atheerios.”

No response has been received by Nintendo as of right now, so we don’t know for sure if this leak is legitimate or not.

We believe that the files originated from a hack to Nintendo’s computers in 2018. A security researcher at Malwarebytes whose name is Zammis Clark, gained access to Nintendo’s internal network, this let him gain access to the company’s confidential game development servers. It is possible that he shared these documents with others on the internet. Because of this Clark was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

Nintendo won’t lose too much from this leak as the affected gaming system were launched more than a decade ago. But this leaks can help the gaming community to create illegal copies of Nintendo’s consoles.