Microsoft urges users to update Windows 10 for a security issue


These months Windows will have fewer updates, but the few that come to us will be very important. Microsoft has warned us that there is a very serious vulnerability in Windows 10 and that it is extremely necessary to update the system to protect our devices and our data.

Due to the PANdemic COVID-19 of these months only the updates that are essential will be released by Microsoft, that is, those that include security patches to keep computers protected. This is the latest update to correct such a dangerous breach that it has put the U.S. government on alert.

This update was released to fix several vulnerabilities, including two that are in Windows Adobe Type Manager and affect all Windows 10 users, exposing them to a massive hack.

Both security breaches are classified as CVE-2020-1020 and CVE-2020-0938 and their condition would allow hackers to run malicious code remotely and install malware on documents or files on the internet. The most important thing about these gaps is that users should hardly do anything to fall into the trap.

To be a victim of this type of attack it is not even necessary to open the infected document. Simply by previewing the document in Windows Explorer, it is enough for the malware to install itself on your computer.

No specific numbers have been provided of how many hackers have taken advantage of this Windows 10 vulnerabilities so far. This week the update has been released that would fix the bug and block the attacks. It also fixes another 133 issues, some of them rated by the company itself as relevant to the security of customer data and the integrity of the devices.

The update has probably already been installed automatically on your computer and you have nothing to worry about. But if you’re not sure and in the face of the seriousness of the vulnerabilities you want to check that you’re already properly protected against them, here are the steps to find this April security patch:

In the Windows Start menu, click the Gear Settings icon.

Click Update & Security, and then click Windows Update to verify the patch. (if there is a pending update, it is usually notified with a yellow notification).

Now just click Download to install the patch and restart your PC when the computer ask you to do so.

It is always advisable to wait a while to install a new update in case it might cause problems, but given the severity of the security breaches, it is best not to waste any more time. It is also important to always back up everything we have stored on our computers in case the update fails, although no error has been reported at the moment.