Microsoft stopped the release of Windows 10 32-Bit Build for new PC


There are signals that Microsoft is starting to end the 32-bit version of Windows 10 OS for Laptops and PC. This will start with the version 2004 based on the hardware requirements that Microsoft published.

The change isn’t going to affect OS currently installed, but just for new one. Microsoft will continue to offer updates and new features to existing installations. It doesn’t mean you can’t buy a retail copy of Windows 10 32-bit CPU but it means that computers vendors can’t build 32-bit PC or Laptops. With this Microsoft’s move, 32-bit computers will go out of the market at some point.

Microsoft also makes it clear that, “This does not impact 32-bit customer systems that are manufactured with earlier versions of Windows 10; Microsoft remains committed to providing feature and security updates on these devices, including continued 32-bit media availability in non-OEM channels to support various upgrade installation scenarios.”

You don’t have to worry about this in case that you have a 32-bit PC. This will take time for these computers to die out, unless Microsoft changes their policy at some point.

You can even still build new Windows 10 PC using old 32-bit chip, it isn’t also imposible, you just need to find a 32-bit copy of Windows 10 out there.

But, the most interesting thing here is that most of the user won’t notice the difference about it, they even care.