Microsoft Antivirus will reach Android and iOS devices


Microsoft has to its credit one of the best-considered antivirus in the computer security market. Windows users can protect their PCs with Windows Defender, but their smartphone, Android or iOS, did not have that possibility, until now.

Since Microsoft introduced it in 2006, Windows Defender has garnered good ratings and has gained the trust of much of the Windows user community. Now this mythical antivirus will make the leap to other areas and will be available on Android phones and iPhone.

In mid-2019, this security system was offered to macOS devices. Similarly, the owners of an Android phone or an iPhone can download the antivirus and use it to protect their data, against cybersecurity attacks. These two operating systems “are quite safe, but fairly secure is not the same as secure,” said Rob Lefferts, Microsoft corporate vice president for CNBC.

This expansion is part of the last phase in which Microsoft has entered and with which it intends to bring its applications and tools to life beyond its PC operating system. The company tried long ago to create its own mobile operating system, but the attempt was somewhat drowned in front of the powerful Android and iOS, hence it now wants to focus on offering its tools within these OS.

If we search on Google Play we can find a large number of applications developed by Microsoft and very useful as the SwiftKey keyboard, the Sunrise calendar, the Office Lens scanner and many more.

At the moment it is not known how this new application with Windows Defender will be. In Android you can find many antivirus apps, but Apple does not allow any third-party system to analyze much of its iOS system. Most likely, Microsoft will focus on blocking phishing attacks through unsecured websites.

The final version will be launched before the end of the year, but to learn more about what this application will be in more detail, they will hold a demonstration at the RSA Conference.