How Apple Watch helped save some people’s life


Most of the people buy apple Watches for some reasons, some buy it for health and fitness purposes and others do it for productivity purposes. The Apple Watch is a useful device, but many many people does not know how they can use it to save their life.

The Apple Watch has many features and one of the most important is the heart rates sensor and an emergency feature it has. Apple Watch can alert users, for example if your heart rate is above the normal and you have an option to contact an emergency contact.

Now, we are going to show you some situations where this wearable helped someone to save his/her life.

A teen in Florida

This month a Florida teenager called local authorities after her Apple Watch alerted her and her family that she was having a critical medical condition. The condition was that while she was not doing any kind of exercise her heart rate had reached 190 BPM. She went to an emergency room and diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. She require a kidney transplants and her mother, a registered nurse, wrote in a letter to Apple that the Apple Watch saved her daughter’s life.

A mother and her baby

A 24 year old woman and her 9 month old baby were driving when the car was struck by a drunk driver. The woman was looking for her iPhone inside her car, but was unable to find it due to a blacking out. When she remembered she was wearing her Apple Watch, she used it to call the 911.

Thanks to the Apple Watch’s SOS feature saved her life and her son.

A man from Brooking

A man said that his Apple Watch alerted him to a dangerous spike in his heart rate. After that, he went to his doctor, where the doctor found out that he had a pulmonary embolism. Thanks that it was discovered on time, it was possible to treat the disease.

A teen Football player

The teen Paul Houle Jr. was in a pre-season practice when his Apple Watch alerted him that his heart rate sparked to 145 beats per minute. While it is a normal heart rate when doing exercise, in this case his heart rate never went back down. When he was in the hospital, he was diagnosed with Rhabdomyolysis. Later he said he was very grateful for his Apple Watch.

Saved from a Heart Attack

One night, Scott Killian, 50, said his Apple Watch alerted him around 1 a.m. of a spike in his resting heart rate.

Looking over previous heart rate data, Killian decided to go to the hospital. There, doctors took various tests and discovered evidence that Killian had or was suffering a heart attack. Later, when he told his surgeon that the Apple Watch prompted him to go to the ER, the doctor gave him a remarkable response: “He said had I kept sleeping, I probably wouldn’t have woken up.”

Car Accident

College student Casey Bennett, 22, was on his way home from campus, when, all of the sudden, was involved in a car accident. His vehicle was struck by another car, flipped over onto its side — leaving him hanging from his seatbelt. But the crash had also flung the young man’s iPhone out of reach.

Despite being dazed from the impact, Bennett said he realized he was wearing his Apple Watch — and activated its SOS feature. The Watch alerted his family and emergency responders, who took six minutes to arrive while dispatchers remained on the one with him. Bennett later wrote to Apple CEO Tim Cook to thank him for the emergency feature.