Firefox is now offering ‘Free Encrypted Proxy’ To Keep You Anonymous


Mozilla just released a new browser extension for Firefox. This extension will bring anonymity and more security while its users surf on the web. It is know as Firefox Private Network. It is currently in its beta version and was launched as a test Pilot program.

If you didn’t know, Mozilla had previously scrapped the Test Pilot. Mozilla releases new and unfinished features taking feedback from users why try it.

It is really useful for the safety of the people surfing internet through a free Wi-Fi in public places such as cofee shop, and other public places that offers free Wi-Fi.

The new extension (Firefox Private Network) hides your IP address and replaces it with another, so your identity can’t be traced. To be clear, it is not a VPN service, instead it is an crypted proxy that is powered by ClodFlare.

As for now, Firefox Private Network (FPN) cames as an extension and only is compatible for Firefox desktops users in the US. If everything goes right, I hope that Mozilla will make this a native feature of its Firefox Browser.

What do you think about this new feature?