Eliminate background noise from conference calls with Krisp for free

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Krisp is an AI-powered filter that virtually eliminates background noise, letting your work-from-home experience be a little more pleasant and professional.

As companies, private and public, are sending employees to work from home due to the coronavirus, if you work with co-workers and need to communicate with them. Some times we have background noise that we can’t control, lets say a dog barking, children screaming and playing, etc.

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One solution to this problematic is Krisp. It is an AI-Powered noise-cancellation technology that virtually eliminate those kinds of noises. This is a paid application, but, they have a limited free version which gives you 120 mins per week to use it for meetings, VoIP calls, etc.

The cheapest cost is $3.33 per month when billed yearly and 5 per month when billed monthly. You can use it for both, incoming and outgoing audio. It means that if you’re in a conference call and you’re hearing noise in your meeting you can use Krisp to remove background noise when you’re just listening the conference, video conference or call and as well you can use it to remove background noise from your end when you’re talking.

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There are good news for those that are students, teachers, government employee or hospital worker, Krisp Pro is free for 6 months. It means that you’re not going to have 120 mins limit. If you think you qualify for a free Krisp Pro, you only need to send an email from your work or school email to [email protected] and need to put “COVID-19” in the subject of the email. When they verify that you or the company you’re working for qualify for a free Pro version, they will give a license for the next 6 months.

It’s compatible with pretty much everything: Skype, Messenger, Slack, whatever. You could even use it to record podcasts when there’s a leaf blower outside.

How you can download Krisp? Just click here to get it for free. If you want to know how to install it in your platform you can go to the help section of the website and you can look for the device you want to install and you’ll have all the instructions like installing and configuring it with your desired application.

Here you can see the link for instructions on how to Setup and Use https://help.krisp.ai/hc/en-us/sections/360003594739-Setup-and-Use

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