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Richard Sabino

I'm the husband of a wonderful woman and father of two little angels sent from God to teach them the real purpose of this life. I consider this the greatest gift that came from heaven. And for me, they are the most important thing I currently have on earth. I like to share my hobbies with the people around me, I made this blog to share everything I like, I hope you can enjoy my posts and articles I write here.

FBI Alerts of a Spike on SIM-Swapping Attack

The FBI is alerting about a spike in SIM-swapping attack that is costing an estimate of $68 million to victims of this cybersecurity...

How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported Laptop/PCs

In this article we'll show you the steps on how to bypass the upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free.

How to: Blacklist an Email Addresses in Microsoft Office 365

Step by step on how to blacklist a sender in Office365 the modern way.

The iPhone is already a POS: Payments can be made by bringing the card close to the screen

Apple already converted iPhones a POS device where you can accept payments. Until now the compatible devices are Apple XR and later and is only available to United States.

Microsoft is buying Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion

Microsoft will be acquiring Activision Blizzard for 68.7 billion, it is being bought at $95 per share. This is the biggest acquisition from Microsoft...

2 Easy Ways to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode

In this article I’ll through two ways to start a computer with Windows 10 in Safe Mode. But first, let me explain you the...

Are you a Google Chrome user? Then you should update it to 88 ASAP

The Google Chrome version 88.0.4324.150 has been released by Google yesterday to address a zero-day vulnerability. This update is very important for all users...

How to: Whitelist Email Addresses in Microsoft Office 365

Here we have instructions in the new way to whitelist email addresses in Microsoft Exchange Admin Center is by going to Microsoft 365 Security AntiSpam section. This is the link to get there: https://security.microsoft.com/antispam

5 Ways to Protect Your Devices Against Malware, Phishing, and Scams During COVID-19 Crisis

5 Ways to Protect Your Devices Against Malware, Phishing, and Scams During COVID-19 Crisis Based on an Interpol analysis report from 194 countries, phishing/scam/fraud, malware/ransomware,...

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Fundamentals

https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Today we're giving you info about a new Virtual Training and a free voucher for...

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